First Blog Post 😃

All things about me and what I'm doing/learning.
First Blog Post 😃

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Dontè Trumble and I am a developer who enjoy's making things for the web and beyond. I'm mainly a front end developer but I do dibble dabble in the back-end technologies as well (mainly nodejs). I develop in Vue JS but I also know Angular (all versions).

Where do I learn and keep updated with today's and future technology? I learn most of my coding from Udemy, Youtube, reading documentation, and JavaScript Weekly to name a few.

Do you have any back-end experience? For my back end I enjoy using no SQL databases (inner and outer joins don't like me). Firebase and Mongo DB are the ones I've used and experimented in. Just want to put this out there... I'm not against SQL databases. I'm personally not the best at it. But, I can do it if you give me time. (In college I was very average). I never say no to learning new or past technologies that I've used before.

I would like to thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy your stay and find things that I develop awesome.

-Dontè Trumble