Future Hits 3 and Shopify

Future Hits 3 will be powered by shopify (for now)

Using Shopify

I have came to a conclusion to use shopify to as the inventory management system for Future Hits 3. Specifically the JavaScript Buy SDK, the JavaScript Buy SDK api does everything I need that moltin did but the checkout process goes to a different url. I know it stops the flow of the site but for now it will do until we get more revenue. Another eCommerce website that I was going to use was SnipCart. The only reason why I didn't use them was because there was no inventory management system. I would have to build out my own and I just don't have enough time to do so. Moltin is kicking me off the website any day now. A good thing about SnipCart is that the pricing is awesome. If you make less than $500 a month it's $10 a month. More than $500 a month it's 2% per transaction. Definitely will be using their services in the near future on another project.