Starting a new business.

Taking a leap of faith.
Starting a new business.

I know this is going to be stressful but I'm going for it... I'm starting my own business!


My dad owned a brick and mortar business called Future Hits. He owned the business for more than 20 years and did very well. He sold men and women clothes, oils, sunglasses, and many other things. He was always the local business that always had low prices that many other companies couldn't beat. But, about 5 or so years ago he closed down the business and started enjoying life as a regular person.

With all that being said I want revitalize my dad's business and turn it into a online store, where we could reach consumers all over the world instead of the community of Newport News Virginia.

The Business name

I named the new business Future Hits 3. I wanted to keep the name of my dad's business but, didn't want to name it Future Hits. I came up with many different names but the one that stuck was Future Hits 3. The number 3 is for my Dad's 3 sons (Charles, Dontè, and Jelon). I knew that this was the one because it had some type of meaning behind it.

Future Hits 3 Website Development

So this is where we are today. I'm building Future Hits 3 and I've already ran into a road block. For our inventory management we were using Moltin eCommerce. Moltin is an awesome API based platform for developers who code in JavaScript, Swift, Ruby, Php and many others. But, as a small business we can't afford it. Moltin is shutting down our access because they want $1000 a month to use their services (even if we don't get any hits to their api). In my meeting with one of the Moltin employees, I asked if they had a system like firebase. When we use their services they will scale up the price accordingly. They said they're working on something for smaller businesses but don't have a time frame. We're a small company that doesn't have $1000 a month to give them. We shall find an alternative! Just sucks that I coded the entire store and now I have to start over. Just wish they had the price on their website for I wouldn't have wasted my time.

-Dontè Trumble